Sitting Room

Phil says we have to call it the Sitting Room, because he is fancy.  But we all know it is really the lounge.

Phil says the lounge is where you wait for your flight. Hmm.

When we walked into this room when we viewed the house, we just stood and stared at the huge picture windows and the view of the park beyond.  It really is lovely.

Here are the before and after shots from the same angles (with the same posing children).  I will bore you with the paint colours too.

May2014 (3)
Before: Well that’s a hideous green wall right there. Even the child is blurry.

Poster is Phil’s – an old Schiele exhibition from his yoof – frame was from the refuse shop at the tip and painted in F&B Mole’s Breath.

31Aug14 (59)
After: Bright and shiny – and is that a new staircase? Well yes sir, it is!

A new modular Fontanot staircase has been built behind the sofa, the floors covered with real oak flooring (from Magnet, v. cheap).

Walls in Farrow and Ball Ammonite.

May2014 (6)
Before: Last updated when mummy was born.
31Aug14 (61)
After: Flop down on my big sofa and admire the lovely prints!

Upcycled TV cabinet was 15 quid from St. Margaret’s – painted in F&B Eggshell Purbeck Stone and a Dulux satinwood (forget how good this is) in teal, colour matched with the teal from the Laura Ashley Wallace Lampshade.

May2014 (9)
Before: Have these curtains actually DIED?
31Aug14 (64)
After: Oh darling, a little drinkie on the balcony? Don’t mind if I do.

The lounge fireplace:

The fireplace was beyond hideous.  After much deliberation I slapped on Annie Sloane Chalk Paint in Old White. I removed and dismantled the gas fire: I rescued the surround which I painted in Annie Sloane Graphite and the bricked inside of the fireplace in Annie Sloan Paris Gray.

May2014 (10)
Before: Oh dear. All the bad things. A gas fire with a marble surround and let’s PRETEND this is mahogany.
31Aug14 (66)
After: I don’t care if it’s marble; Annie Sloan paint will stick to absolutely anything so it’s going on. Thick.

The fireplace really does look fab in the chalk paint.  Looks great at night too:

Fireplace in Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint
Fireplace in Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint