The entrance hall: we have covered up the door that previously led to the kitchen (now a bedroom) and SLAPPED UP BOOKSHELVES.  That’s about it.  It’s all WHITE.

May2014 (31)
Before: A doorway into a kitchen… but not for long! That’s kitchen’s going doooown (stairs)
31Aug14 (32)
After: Plastered over the doorway and built a cupboard for coats instead. Lampshade from IKEA (via the dump shop). Book shelves made by me.


May2014 (30)
Before: A stair lift. A very slow one. And lots of beige.
31Aug14 (29)
After: White. Books. Kittens.
May2014 (15)
Before: We didn’t really need the stair-lift, although Josie wanted to keep it….
31Aug14 (12)
After: Much cheerier! Carpet from the cheap range from Carpetright that the man swore cats couldn’t destroy. Apparently.
May2014 (21)
Before: The upstairs hallway.
31Aug14 (15)
After: We moved the wall back three feet to create a new corridor (and two bedrooms from one large one). Pollock by the children.


May2014 (33)
Before: stairlift.
31Aug14 (33)
After: kitten.

We replaced the staircase with a Fontanot Magia 90, complete with a pretty boy to clean the stairs.

May2014 (45)
Before: Creepy staircase of horror.
31Aug14 (56)
After: Nice bright staircase!



The Penguin Bookcase

This old bookcase was built by my dad when he owned a bookshop in Weston-super-Mare in the 1960’s.  The shelves are made of glass.  It’s REALLY heavy and I had to use some very long screws and make a great deal of noise putting it up.

I thought it would be good to restore it to it’s former glory and use it to display our Penguin books….

iphone pics 007

… and a couple of penguins….

iphone pics 009

This bookcase is painted in F&B White Tie.