Welcome to my house blog.  I’ve written this blog for my friends and family who have asked what we’ve Done To The House since we moved in.

We bought the house in May 2014 and spent two months renovating with the help of lovely local builder Graeme Murray.

The house was a two-bed mid-century mid-terrace and needed a complete overhaul.  It’s now a four-bed house and we love it so much that we have filled it with kittens.

Here’s the house from the outside. (You can still read the original particulars here.)

Our house: In the middle of … all the other houses. It’s got a bit of a – ahem – mid-century vibe going on there eh?

Please do have a read and if you want to drop me a line, email lucy@babyspider.co.uk.

31Aug14 (33)
Here is a photo that I should have edited to make it slightly less wonky.

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