The kitchen

Here are our Before and After pics of the kitchen – our favourite room in the house.  It used to be an unused basement room, but it had lovely doors leading out to the garden, and seemed the perfect location for a kitchen-diner.

We moved the kitchen units downstairs and created a kitchen island:

May2014 (43)
Before: this room wasn’t used. Because it was grim and damp.
31Aug14 (52)
After: It’s a light-filled kitchen of fabulousness

The paint is F&B Borrowed Light. Kitchen lights all from B&Q. The kitchen island is a light blue colour and was made using kitchen unit wooden panels from Howden’s.

May2014 (35)
Before: Minging. And WTF are those birds about?
31Aug14 (40)
After: Kitchen island and the birds have been lovingly scraped off and put in the bin.
May2014 (36)
Before: Sinister bird of death.
31Aug14 (41)
After: Wholesome baskets of organic vegetables and hanging planters.


We knocked out the old fireplace to open it up as a feature. Mirror from the tip. Fireplace slate from South West reclamation in Bridgwater. Kittens from a nice chap I met in the park.

May2014 (42)
Before: I know! Let’s brick in the fireplace and stick a radiator there instead. And a scary dark staircase.
31Aug14 (49)
After: Yay!


We knocked out the old staircase and replaced it with a lighter, modern modular staircase from Fontanot:

May2014 (34)
Before: This is where the carpet beetles loved to play.
31Aug14 (35)
After: We replaced the carpet beetles with some lovely gambolling kittens.

We knocked out the old staircase to make an eating area, complete with a reading snug and a handsome man stroking kittens:

May2014 (39)
Before: Even the stairlift was depressed.
iphone pics 003
After: Kittens! Purring! A lovely reading corner.
May2014 (41)
Before: Just, no.
31Aug14 (47)
After: a handy place for eating! The reading seat is made from two old white IKEA Expedit shelves, laid on their sides.


May2014 (40)
Before: Well, it’s all rubbish.
31Aug14 (44)
After: Bright and shiny. Light from B&Q by the way.


The larder:
Every housewife’s dream.  We painted it white and tiled the floor.  And hoovered up the carpet beetles.

May2014 (37)
Before: This would be where you might hide a body.


31Aug14 (43)
After: It’s white and clean and full of crisps!




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